• Get people to be aware and look beyond the product they are consuming – production.
  • Practice ethical and environmental consumption/having the knowledge of its impact.
  • Choosing the right brand/company to be loyal to.
  •  Hip hop/Basketball dudes
  • Sneakerheads
  • Brand loyalty. Loyal customers will consistently purchase from their preferred brands, regardless of convenience and price.
  • Collectors are unaware or will often turn a blind eye on production impacts they are loyal to.
  • A typical pair of sneakers generates 30 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions, equivalent to keeping a 100 watt light bulb on for one week, according to the new MIT-led lifecycle assessment. Two-thirds of it can come from manufacturing processes.
Here are some of the ethical and environmental issues companies have:
  • Corporate greed
  • The history of athletic shoes and the industry’s business model mean that when you try and select a suitable shoe you enter a vortex of exploitation issues.
  • OEM, the biggest manufacturer for the biggest sneaker brands has pushed out 83.4m pairs in the past three months alone.
  • Deconstruct the retail price: 150 processes needed to create a trainer make them one of the most labour intrusive items we own. just 0.4% of retail cost is spent on labour.
  • 2009 Greenpeace report: leather industry implicated major trainer brands in Amazonian deforestation.
  • They make $1.67 per hour
  • Certifications and accreditations: Fairtrade, Halal, Global Organic Textile Standard
  •  What if there was a tangible object for sale, something not very valuable and the proceed goes to charity?(series) Children in a playground building things
  • How much do we know about the products we buy? collectibles – limited screen prints?
  • Sneaker design with patterns that magnifies the reality of producing it.
  • Application for consumers that are able to determine production statistics

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