Context Finding

• Automobiles as Identity in the Context of Global Identity Finding

     A city’s automobiles or public transport could easily say a lot about its identity and its people’s. The jeepneys in Manila, for example, is representative of the city’s energy, fast and condensed. Taiwan’s motorcycles get you from point a to b the most efficient way because of its narrow roads.

• Migrant Worker Rights in The Middle East – most of the blue collar workers do not know their rights.

     The sudden growth of Qatari economy has caused an influx of migrant workers into the country. This lead to setting immigrations laws in order to accommodate the growing number of worker population in the country. According to Human Rights Watch in June 2012 hundreds of thousands of mostly South Asian migrant workers in construction in Qatar risk serious exploitation and abuse, sometimes amounting to forced labor. The National Human Rights Committee was founded in 2002 with the responsibility of overseeing and carrying out investigations on human rights abuses in the country. The point is to let the workers know their rights and suitable agencies and institutions to help them.

• Collecting Subculture – the sneaker head industry

     a sneaker head is a person who collects, trades, or admires sneakers as a hobby. The birth of sneakerhead culture in the United States came in the 1980s and can be attributed to two major sources: basketball, specifically the emergence of Michael Jordan and his eponymous Air Jordan line of shoes released in 1985, and the growth of hip hop music. The boom of signature basketball shoes during this era provided the sheer variety necessary for a collecting subculture, while the Hip-Hop movement gave the sneakers their street credibility as status symbols. Sneaker brands such as Nike and Adidas started a collecting subculture by releasing limited edition pairs, which makes the value of the footwear higher after the release date.


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