Demystifying the Mainstream-Ideas

Aside from the common societal issues and disorders in the present like ethnic discrimination, gender role stereotypes, and global warning, the most overlooked problem, in my opinion, based on its environmental, health, and ethical concerns is factory farming, also called intensive animal farming. In addition to the inhumane and barbaric treatment these animals go through, the unnatural feeds, hormones, and excessive quantities of antibiotics used in factory farms, according to, put the human population at risk for chronic disease, obesity, and drug-resistant bacteria, and pose the threat of major zoonotic disease outbreaks.

Having to live in the Middle East region, one of the most common issue here is the human rights violations the majority of the labor, or blue collar workers go through due to the influx of migrant workers from the developing countries.

Looking closely to these issues, I found some connections, in varying degrees, and some are geared towards different aspects, such as; the environment, human rights, and health. These similarities include living conditions, isolation to the rest of society, disposability, very poor living conditions, disregard for health, inability to voice out, among many others.

I am aiming for this project to create an impact and awareness to both issues.

Prospective Mediums:
on-campus installation
graphic poster
interactive art piece
juxtaposition of images


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